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Best Wedding Planner In So-Cal

A seasoned expert of the wedding industry Niiss Event is the secret weapon you need to ensure your wedding day is just as special as it should be, without breaking the bank. Based in South California with experience in planning all sorts of weddings, from budget to blow-out, this wedding planner has tips and ...

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Why Use A Wedding Planner?

It might seem tempting to write a wedding planner off as an unnecessary extra – surely you could plan a wedding yourself? But the fact is that even though it's an additional expense in the short term, a good wedding planner has got your back and can help you save money in the long term. I offer a range of ...
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Reviews From My Customers

We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be. Even though you're trying to keep it simple to minimise stress, or you're convinced that planning your elaborate affair will be nothing but fun, I assure you that there are always unforeseen problems and unexpected hiccups - not to mention mounting expenses to ...
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Crystal Hennington

Very attentive.... Very satisfactory... Handled the whole party from A to z.... Even cleaned up...
There was definitely less stress for ...

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